About us

Who are we?

oneThe “ORApeeps Community” is a “just for fun” technical organization that brings together a group of friendly IT professionals who share one common and very important goal: The sharing of free tools and ideas with the Oracle community.

The ORApeeps Community meets periodically through web conferences, and sporadically during in-person events organized by the Oracle user group ecosystem.

What do we do?


We share tools, code, best practices, lessons learned, expertise, and anything worth sharing. Our members are regular contributors to the Oracle community by speaking at conferences, writing articles, or blogging about Oracle tools and emerging technologies.

How can I be part of this initiative?

threeMember participation as ‘follower’ or ‘contributor’ of the ORApeeps Group is free. Participation as a ‘contributor’ is by nomination only. A candidate must be nominated by at least one active contributor and approved by the majority of active contributors.